The day has finally arrived! Tonight I will board the bus to Phuket to begin my backpacking experience! Needless to say, I’m slightly terrified – travelling alone in a country where I barely speak the language – but mostly I’m totally pumped! Months of research and planning are finally going to pay off as I blaze my way across my own banana pancake trail! I will start in the south, where I can finally see the beautiful Thai beaches, and work my way up to the north, to see the hill tribes.

If you’re curious as to why I keep referring to a fruity breakfast treat, the term “Banana Pancake Trail” is a term used to describe trips traveler’s take around Southeast Asia. It’s not a specific route or trail, but hotspots that foreigners like to visit. When foreigners backpack around Asia and go to these hotspots, there are many restaurants, cafes, hotels, and hostels that try to cater to their needs – namely by providing them with delicious comfort foods, such as banana pancakes!

So now I begin an epic travel experience to see new things and to finally be the goober tourist that I am! I expect to get lost, meet new people, and make a complete idiot out of myself in my attempts to communicate. But should I survive the next 3 weeks, I know that I’ll at least walk away with some great stories!

The backpack I will be living out of for the next 3 weeks