After spending a couple months in Uttaradit I have become stir-crazy! Desperate for an opportunity to explore more than my small district. The olympics are on, but thailand is less than interested. The stares have gotten annoying and I needed something to do. So when the Buddhist holiday granted us a 4 day weekend, I jumped at the chance to get away. Thus, I find myself wandering around the largest city in Thailand – Bangkok.

Everyone was full of advice for our trip. We knew which bus to take and a Thai teacher even helped us purchase our tickets. Another teacher warned us of possible scam artists and gave us the names of a few tourist attractions to find. Most disconcerting was when a teacher told us to be very careful about taxi drivers, because sometimes they abduct girls and do terrible things to them… Not exactly encouraging!

We took a 6 hour bus ride at night and arrived at roughly 3:30 am. Before I had even stepped off the bus taxi drivers were yelling at me, asking where I wanted to go. I had been forewarned about taxi drivers taking advantage of tourists and I wasn’t eager to experience it firsthand. One driver offered us a ride for 600 baht. When we said no and asked for a meter taxi they looked appalled, shaking their heads and waving their hands furiously, insisting that there was no such thing. Another driver offered a ride for 450 baht. Being tired and flustered by the language barrier, we took it. Inretrospect, we probably could have gotten the price down lower. The entire ride I was running ‘what if’ scenarios in my mind, thanks to a vivid imagination. When we gave him a 500 baht bill, he announced that there was a 50 baht parking fee and continued on his merry way. Welcome to Bangkok.